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Dry Heat

Well, it's slowly heating up here in Iraq. Both temperature wise and other things >_>.

Anyway, now that the months are rolling on and getting closer to the summer (Pennsylvania's summers...oh how I miss them so), I am finally experiencing what the Texans are used to, dry heat.

It was a little surprising to tell the truth. They made it out to seem that this heat was one of the worst things that the big orange ball in the sky could crank out. Don't get me wrong, it does get pretty damn hot out especially around noon time, but it's not THAT bad.
Granted it's a bit odd experiencing 90+ degree weather in April. I've been told by the guys that have been here before that this is nothing compared to how June and July are supposed to be. They said it's usually 115+ each day, ughh, that's gonna be fun.

Regardless, it is kind of nice to feel warm weather without it being all stuffy and what not. It's just the sun's rays and....THAT'S IT! Overall it's not that bad, but still, can't wait to come home to my wonderful state of Pennsylvania. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about my first steps back into the house, it's gonna be all "Yes, home *couch flop*" Zzzzzzzzzzz *Insert above normal amount of hours of sleep in one session here*